Laughters Voice Kids Camp update – Interview with Felix Skinner, age 11, on CBC’s Metro Morning Tuesday, May 6, 2014


You can listen to the Metro Morning interview, which took place on May 6, 2014, with Felix Skinner and his dad by clicking here.

Our earlier post went as follows:

The following message is from Andrew Harding, National Coordinator for the Canadian Stuttering Association:

Laughters Voice Kids Camp update

Hi everyone,

Be sure to listen to CBC Toronto Metro Morning tomorrow (Tuesday) after 7.35 to hear Felix Skinner – whose idea the camp is – and his dad talking about the new summer camp for kids who stutter.

As a quick update, the camp is booked for July 13-19 at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre, less than 2 hrs north of Toronto.

Thanks to the support of Harmonize for Speech the cost is now only $400 for the full week.
There are also 2 free places thanks to a fundraising event being held in Toronto on Friday June 6.

There are still 5 or 6 kids needed to make it viable, so please spread the work about this high quality traditional summer camp especially for kids who stutter.

May is decision time – Sunday June 1st is the registration deadline. for full details.

[End of text written by Andrew Harding]


The above-noted summer camp is for students who stutter who are between ages 6 and 18.

“It’s a wide range,” Andrew Harding comments, “and completely in keeping with Mansfield’s normal programs of activities. That’s the beauty of this.”

I am highly impressed with the work that the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA), a national, non-profit organization, is doing on behalf of kids and adults who stutter. The work that this organization is doing is a source of tremendous inspiration for me and for many other people who stutter, and their friends and families.

I was pleased to read a message today from a visitor to the CSA website who had read an article I wrote some years ago regarding my own experiences with stuttering during my earlier years:

If I stutter, what help is out there for me?

As well, similar topics are addressed in an online video that we put together a few years back:

Stuttering – A Listener’s Guide

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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