Malcolm Campbell High School Reunion Committee met in Kitchener on May 21, 2014

Peter Mearns (that's Peter in the photo) and Jaan Pill drove together from Toronto to Kitchener for the meeting.

Lynn Legge, Peter Mearns, and Jaan Pill met on May 21, 2014 for a lunchtime MCHS Reunion Committee meeting at Boston Pizza, 190 Gateway Park Drive in Kitchener near the 401.

This was a convenient meeting place for all of us.

Previous planning information is at the Malcolm Campbell High School category at this website.

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Volunteer administrative staff

Our focus was on setting up the volunteer administrative staff for the MCHS Sixties Reunion; figuring out how to contact people; and figuring out how to collect money and distribute tickets for the event.

Lynn Legge has used a program that would enable the setting up of a secure online system for the purchase and printing out of tickets. She will report back to the committee regarding relevant details.

We’re looking at $100 a ticket or $185 for two – as in the case of a graduate and spouse both attending the reunion.

We’re seeking a volunteer accountant

We’re looking for an accountant to handle the money. If you know of a MCHS Sixties graduate who’s an accountant, and who’d like to volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible.

We’re thinking of having draw of some kind, as part of the ticket sales.

Database of contacts

Lynn Legge and Peter Mearns - May 21, 2014. The setting is the Boston Pizza off the 401 in Kitchener.

Howard Hight is building a database of contacts. If you know of people who want to be part of the contact list, please contact Howard. You can contact him directly if you have the contact details for him. Or you can contact him through the Preserved Stories website.

200-word biographies

Cheryl Casino Houston has put together a biographical information form that we can use to create 200-word biographies of Sixties Graduates.

We will outline the details in a subsequent post. We will not list email addresses, but such information will be available, on a case by case basis, for MCHS graduates who contact the website, and who seek to get in touch with specific individuals.

Possible dates

We’re looking at October 17, 2015, November 7, 2015, or November 14, 2015 as possible dates for the event, which will be held in Toronto at Old Mill Toronto.

Block rates for hotels

Lynn Legge will look into which hotels in the general vicinity of Old Mill Toronto are available for block rates for attendees.

Reunion format

We discussed whether to break groups into classes or to have graduates of all Sixties years meeting for the reunion all as part of one group.

We also discussed what people have learned about what has worked well, and not so well, at a range of other reunions of this nature.

Any suggestions that visitors to this website may have, regarding the best format for a reunion – one that provides the greatest enjoyment for the greatest number of people – will be read with much interest.


We have discussed the making of a video featuring Sixties photos and current photos – that is, Before and After images – of graduates of Malcolm Campbell High School graduates. Please contact us if you have expertise in this area and would like to help out as a volunteer.

If you would like to help out with scanning of MCHS yearbook photos, for the creation of a jpeg file for each photo, please contact us.

Class photos at the reunion

We’re looking for photographers who can help out, as volunteers, in the taking of class photos of MCHS Sixties graduates at the reunion.


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  1. neil tryansky
    neil tryansky says:

    be interesting to hear age group attending, I graduated 63……………teachers, janet carr, miss dunwoodie to name 2……………

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Good to read your message, Neil. We’re looking at all of the 1960s graduating classes starting in 1962 and up to 1969. Those were two great teachers.


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