We have additional notes – this time from Ruth MacLeod – regarding 1960s MCHS teachers

In a previous post, we shared comments by Cheryl Vince regarding favourite teachers.

Ruth MacLeod has shared a comment regarding the latter post. You can find it there, and you can also find it here:

Comments from Ruth MacLeod (I’ve broken the text into shorter paragraphs):

Hi Cheryl – my memory does have its moments, but all the teachers you noted were memorable. I recall the PE teacher Miss (Sibyl?[Soryl: See comment below]) Shulman turned up one morning with the E type Jag, all of us much agog in the windows overlooking the staff carpark. She told us that it was her engagement gift, and she later became Mrs Rosenberg, was still teaching there after we left as I returned to visit her to say I was going into PE.

My local spies saw her in Ste Adele – they owned that famous Old Mtl restaurant, and another up north. Mrs Jelinek was the other PE. Mrs Schlutz was the mother of Heinz in our class for many years (they made a decision to change the name spelling). I was in touch with Heinz prob on a trip home 1980, but heard he passed away far too young. Mr Talbot told us in Gr 11 that he missed teaching, and I surmise that the school had settled down in the first 3 years.

We were all quite tolerant and well behaved (in my memory) when he could not turn up to teach. I think Rosie met up with him in the school system over the years. Bob Hill introduced himself on his first MCHS as ‘Robert Andrew Hill’ and we soon learned he was quite famous in a band. Don’t ask me to define famous though, as our world was so small in those days.

The other day I found my 1964 exam sheets in my yearbook, all but Latin, and cannot believe I would have known what was asked for in chemistry! I showed it to my resident chemist who acknowledged it was suitably challenging. Doesn’t seem like 50 years ago.


[End of text from Ruth Macleod, who is a key organizer of the upcoming mid-August 2014 MCHS mini-reunion in Montreal]


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  1. Graeme Decarie
    Graeme Decarie says:

    It was Miss Soryl Shulman. She married Gibby Rosenberg, a very nice guy. I think she’s back in Montreal now, just back from a month or so in some jungle, building bamboo huts for the homeless. She keeps very busy. Gibby spent a year sailing around the world by himself. He started sailing before they married, working himself up from a Y flyer to a huge yacht, always aiming at the trip around the world.


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