Many students at Malcolm Campbell High School started at Ahuntsic School

Through the Facebook Groups that I’ve joined that deal with Malcolm Campbell High School, I’ve learned many new things:

Ahuntsic School

“Hi Jaan, I went to Ahuntsic school , corner of St Lawrence and Henri Bourassa between 1956 -1962 then went on to MCHS. Kids from Ahuntsic and parts of Laval attended the school till they built one in Laval. Before MCHS was built students going on to high school would either go to Rosemount High or Montreal High. Many of the teachers that taught at Ahuntsic later went on to MCHS. Mrs Schlutz, Mrs Zeigler. Ahuntsic school has a FB page. I think the school is now a French elementary school.”


I enjoy learning about the history of Ahuntsic-Cartierville. AS well, I have an interest in the relation between the history if Cartierville and the history of Oka.

There is so much to learn. So many interesting historical details.

Seventies Reunion

“It took 3 years to organize ours. Best advice I can give you is to set up a separate group page on FB and post all your updates there.”

1969 MCHS Class Reunion

“Our class held a reunion at MCHS in 1999, touring the halls, singing in the auditorium, then enjoyed a catered supper at the Armenian hall – our year of planning was as much fun as the event itself! Since 2009, those available have gotten together for BBQs, brunches around Montreal, and last summer, about 20 of us met for lunch in TO.”


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