MCHS bio for: Barbara Sayfy, class of ’70

Barbara Sayfy, class of ’70

Barbara Sayfy, in a photo from when she was 17

I graduated from MCHS in 1970 and went onto Dawson CEGEP for a 3 year Business Administration program.

Raised in Montreal (lived in Ahuntsic and then in New Bordeaux living on Joseph Casavant Street). I have two older siblings – our family is now split from Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal. My niece and nephew are growing their families in Vancouver and I do get out there at least once a year but back to Montreal quite often (speeding along the 401!) to spend time with my senior Mom – she is aging gracefully at 91.

The family (that is me and my older brother who lives in Beaconsfield) is currently looking into alternate housing for her as this summer posed some medical challenges for Mom. As you can imagine, life is busy for all of us!

After graduation in 1973 from CEGEP, I joined a large financial institution on St. Jacques (BMO Bank of Montreal) in old Montreal and spent the majority of my career in that organization as an Executive Assistant. I accepted a transfer to Toronto in 1981 and have been living in Etobicoke all these years. For the majority working in downtown Toronto locations, but now not enjoying the long commute.

My career took a turn twice in that I followed an Executive to a trust company in 1988 but then returned to BMO in 1994 (after this trust company was merged with a large life insurance company) and then I left BMO in the spring of 2008.

Plan International Canada Inc.

I have supported numerous Presidents during my career but have found the ideal position these past six years working at Plan International Canada Inc. – one of the world’s oldest and largest international development agencies, working in partnership with millions of people around the world to end global poverty. Plan Canada has only one agenda – to improve the lives of children.

I have been very fortunate to support an amazing female executive who has grown the revenues substantially. I also manage the Board process and enjoy working alongside the Board members who hold voluntary positions with our organization. A rewarding position as I consider this to be my last full time employment as retirement awaits me in a few years!!!

My work week stems anywhere from 40 hours to 50 hours and am often tied to the ‘blackberry’ but luckily my assistant also enjoys what she does and we are quite the team. – check out the website.

Lac Simon

Our family still owns a ‘cottage’ on Lac Simon (Cheneville, QC) which is located northwest of Montreal and I do spend as much time there as possible during the summer. I believe my MCHS yearbook entry mentions the lake but also mentions that my aim was to marry a millionaire.

Well – that never happened!

Moving to Toronto back in the early 80’s, I lost touch with many of my high school friends but I did reconnect with a few of the gals two years ago by chance running into one of them at my office lobby and have sent them the notice for this 60’s reunion. Luckily, I met Heather Liddell just by chance as well at one of our Condo meetings when she was running for the Board. We are now good friends and neighbours.


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  1. Henry Sporn
    Henry Sporn says:

    Hi Barbara: Boy was I surprised to see this! It’s your downstairs neighbour, Henry. I also live in Vancouver now, with my wife Janice and 3 kids. Which of your siblings is in Vancouver? I see that Norman (it was Norman, right?) still lives in Montreal, and you’re in T.O. I can’t recall the third sibling though…. So nice to read this!

    • Barbara Sayfy
      Barbara Sayfy says:

      Hi Henry, Norman and his family live in Vancouver. He’s married and a granddad now and loving it. I see my Mom this weekend (driving to Mtl) and will mention you- your parents were always kind to her. Glad to hear that you are where you are. Vancouver is beautiful. I thought of moving out there but will stay close to Mom as she needs me. My older brother Ivars is married and lives in Beaconsfield (west island) and has a 37 year old daughter.. Norman has a b
      son who is married with 1 child and expecting another in the spring and his daughter is soon to be married. I never married – my friends say i was the lucky one!. My nieces and nephew are like my kids. Life is good! Keep well.

  2. Hannah Steinberg Reim
    Hannah Steinberg Reim says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I just wanted to say hello, I lived on Benjamin Sulte during my teenage years… For over 40 years I have lived in Toronto so I know the 401 well, too well. My mother is in cote st luc and has faced challenges this past month so I am in the same position as you. My only sister is in Dollard des Ormeaux; not easy for any of us. The Montreal diaspora is common and difficult when parents age.

    Lovely to look back on our shared history.

  3. Inese Dombrovska
    Inese Dombrovska says:

    Dear Barbara,
    I am daugter of Laimdota Dombrovska classmate of your mother Irma. We have met in Toronto in 90-ies when I was in Canada for Dental Congress. Actually I am looking for your mother because my Mom died in Summer of 2013 and I did not find Irmas address to write her a letter.
    How are you? Are you still in Toronto and Irma in Montreal? I hope she is alive!
    Very best regards,Inese


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