Oct. 11, 2014 Toronto Star “More voices on Oct. 27 election” includes perceptive letter from David Godley of Long Branch

The article can be accessed here.

In his letter (see link above), David Godley writes:

I note that author Jordan Whelan is a marketing person who can be selective of facts.
John Tory’s priority is the Scarborough Subway which is not supported by experts involved directly in transportation planning.

It also needs each household to write cheques amounting to $1,200 (eventually likely much more).

SmartTrack has elements of sense, which as the author points out have already been mooted by others, but will need much more study to integrate it into an overall policy.

SmartTrack is essentially a marketing tool.

The author confuses short term goals with long terms transit goals.

Lots of initiatives can make the system better such as the honour system for streetcars and improvements to bus systems.

Olivia Chow gives greater priority to the Subway Relief Line where the need is greatest.

The City agreement with the Province is for LRT in Scarborough and this is the best for the City.

We do not want another Sheppard Subway disaster. We could have had an Eglinton link to the airport by now.

The new City Council will have to make the decisions so let us hope the electorate get it right this time around.

David Godley, Toronto


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