Ward 6 candidate Russ Ford runs with polarizing last name – Oct. 18, 2014 CBC article

You can read the article here.

The opening paragraphs reads:

  • “Russ Ford has learned not to take it personally when people slam doors in his face.
  • “Sometimes I get doors slammed in my face because people think I’m one of them,” he said.
  • The Ward 6 candidate makes it clear pretty quickly – he’s not related to Mayor Rob Ford and if he gets to Etobicoke voters before they slam the door, it’s the first thing he tells them.
  • “If I get them before they slam the door, I get their vote, because I’m the anti-Ford candidate in Ward 6,” said Ford, who is executive director of the LAMP Community Health Centre.

Toronto Star article

An Oct. 20, 2014 Toronto Star editorial notes:

“We need city-builders, not more skinflints obsessed with bureaucratic gravy. Russ Ford is a strong community activist and executive director of the LAMP Community Health Centre whose slogan is: ‘Get to know a different Ford.’ He would be far more effective than incumbent Mark Grimes, a painfully low-key councillor and ally of the mayor.”

–Toronto Star, Oct. 20, 2014

You can access Russ Ford’s campaign website here.


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