Graeme Decarie mentions that Mr. Hanna was principal of a high school way up the Ottawa River

I’m very pleased to share with you the following message from Graeme Decarie, who has given me permission to share this text and other ones that I will share in subsequent posts.

Graeme Decarie. Source: MCHS 1962-63 yearbook

Gosh. You even found an old photo of me. For an updated photo, there are some videos on youtube of me being interviewed. The only change is that I’m more wrinkly than I was at MCHS.

I’ve been in touch with only a few of the teachers of those days. George Allan is retired, and living in Sarnia, Ont. Soryl Rosenberg (Shulman) lives in Montreal, but spends long periods in Israel – where she is right now.

Jim McGowan died of a heart attack some ten years ago after spending most of his working life teaching in Japan.

I retired to Moncton, NB. Intellectually, this is the least active place you ever want to see. But the people are pleasant; language relations are excellent; and the government completely in the pockets of a very wealthy family (the Irvings). But the same is true of most governments in Canada, and even more so in the US. And Moncton is close to great salt water beaches.

I fill my time with a blog criticizing most of our lying news media (owned by the Irvings). To see it, just google Graeme Decarie. The blog site should come up on the first page. In fact, almost all of the North American private news media have become incredibly unprofessional and manipulative propaganda fronts. That includes The Globe and even The New York Times. The CBC still tries – but can’t push the limits without giving Harper an excuse to shut it down.

Photo of Mr Hanna, posted by Klaas Vander Baaren on June 16, 2014 at MCHS '60s Reunion Facebook Group. I believe there may have been an article about Mr Hanna in Macleans magazine in the 1960s. As I recall (and my recollections are subject to error), he had worked as a government official in Egypt.

Mr. L.G. Hopper (see Comments at the end of this post). Source: MCHS 1962-63 yearbook

Oh, many years ago, I came across Mr. Hanna. He was principal of a high school way up the Ottawa River – on the Quebec side. The music teacher – whose name I forget [turns out it’s Mr. Hopper; see Comments below], though he taught me in grade 7 – retired in the late sixties to Charlottetown, PEI where he enjoyed himself as a church organist.

Graeme Decarie

[End of text from Graeme Decarie]


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I did notice, after I read your message, Bryan, that Mr. Hopper is included in the photos at the front of the 1962-63 yearbook.

    And here’s the confirmation. Graeme Decarie reports:

    “That’s it. He became music director at a big church in ‘downtown’ Charlottetown. It would have been 1968 or so.

    “(It’s an easy walk from ‘downtown’ Charlottetown to the ‘suburbs’.)”

    I’m reminded, with regard to how easy it is to get around Charlottetown, of an Oct. 3, 2014 Globe and Mail article:

    Walk to the airport? There’s a good reason why I did it


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