In response to your suggestions, some strongly expressed, we’ve revised our reunion dress code: Please wear whatever you want

A member of our MCHS 60s Reunion organizing committee has remarked:

“Now it had been established that we have a dress code.

“BUT…….it seems to have concerned a few.

“In retrospect dress code was perhaps not necessarily the best term. After all it is a high school reunion. Not a return to high school.

“I strongly suggest that we get out a newsletter to all, plus posts on the various links……

“We need to state that the dress code is merely a suggested guideline for those who feel more comfortable with some direction.

“At this stage of our lives none of us needs nor wants dictates. It is each person’s right to wear whatever they want.

“My wife is making me promise to show up wearing at least something more than a loin cloth.”


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  1. Bill Jacobson
    Bill Jacobson says:

    I think a nice loin cloth, something in scarlet and silver, would not be inappropriate for some of the class of 1969. Mine was lost at the dry cleaners.

  2. Howard Hight
    Howard Hight says:

    Bill Jacobson,

    I am from the class of 63. Now I must admit to being absolutely stunning in my youth. The years have not wafted gently over this 68 old road warrior.
    Suffice to say I will adhere to my wife’s admonition. She has never steered me wrong in 44 years.

  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I like to keep up with dress codes at local high schools where I live in Toronto. It’s always interesting to know about the lives of students who are currently in high school as we were in the 1960s and early 1970s.

    At Richview Collegiate Institute, by way of example, one of the rules is that hats and hoodies are not permitted to be worn in school.

    The policy ensures that the face of every person walking down a hallway is visible to staff in the hallways and on security cameras. This is a way to ensure that non-students who have entered the school building can be readily identified.


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