Beware of email messages telling you to log on to Dropbox via email

Recently I received an email saying a document had been left for me at Dropbox.

The message, from an email account that I’ve been in touch with in the past, directed me to log on to Dropbox via email.

In order to do that I would have had to enter the password for my email account.

Instead of doing that, I sent an email to the person from whose email the message had arrived.

“I would be interested to know what the document is about”

Question (in my email):

“Received your email – I would be interested to know what the document is about.”

Answer: “I got hacked, changed password. Not me . Sorry.”

I wrote back: “Good to know; these things happen.”

Do not respond to an email message saying you can log in to Dropbox via email. If you were to do so, you would reveal your password to people who apparently have nothing to do with Dropbox.


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