The MCHS 69er Reunion was held in Montreal on July 31, 1999


We have received a series of photos, and the Reunion Program, for the MCHS 69er Reunion, from Bruce Goodman, and will be posting scans of these great items soon.

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MCHS 69er Reunion Photo

MCHS 69er Reunion Photo

1) I’m pleased to share the following text, regarding the MCHS 69er Reunion that was held in Montreal on July 31,1999, from Bruce Goodman (MCHS ’69):

Attached is the group photo from the MCHS ’69er 30th anniversary Reunion from Saturday, July 31, 1999 which was held at the old Malcolm Campbell High School building, which was at that time an Armenian school.

Walking into the school was like walking into a time capsule…not much had changed inside in 30 years! After the gathering at the school, we were able to explore the school hallways and classrooms. At the sound of the school bell… we had an “Assembly” (mandatory attendance) in the Auditorium. After a few speeches…we sang “The Scarlet & The Silver” school song; then we moved across Dudemaine Street to the Armenian Church banquet hall, and enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner, and an evening of catching up on 30 years!

I will email separately a copy of our official program for the event

Also attached is the full list of classmates (and spouses / friends) who registered; and a chart identifying everyone in the picture (based on the registration # assigned).

Our reunion actually began with an unofficial social gathering on Friday night, July 30th at the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire, where everyone was invited to attend. As name tags were issued only at the actual event on Saturday, many showed up with their 1969 Highlander Yearbooks – to try to ID ‘faces’. A great time was had by all!

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2) In a subsequent email, Bruce Goodman adds:

Attached is a copy of our Program for the event. The weekend was quite a “high”!

As you and your committee are no doubt realizing…the organizing workload was huge – – especially at a time without Facebook, Twitter etc etc. I began in October of 1998 by simply phoning 4-5 known classmates. Everyone seemed to know the whereabouts of a few others. Clearly… the girls were the hardest to search for because of name changes. Hundreds of hours on the phone…after doing 411 searches.

While we had great intentions to ‘do it’ every ten years…that hasn’t happened, but there have been smaller gatherings of 69er classmates periodically in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver; and I am aware that many re-connections from our 1969 event have continued. Even a couple a marriages!

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3) Here’s an additional message, which I read with much interest:

Just going through my box of Reunion papers this afternoon has rekindled so many memories of the work and fun experienced in planning, negotiating arrangements, and connecting with former classmates – – most of whom I had had no contact with since June 1969.

It was very time consuming and ‘Project One’ for upwards of 9 months – as my wife, family and friends will attest! To connect – usually by phone ‘out of the blue’ with a former classmates – resulted in some unbelievable reactions. First reactions such as “really?” or “you found me!!” Or! “You’re kidding, right?” It was pretty exciting! Some were not interested. But most were very interested.

Our committee was great! Everyone contributed in special ways. As I live in Belleville, the committee members in Montreal were vital. We decided early on that our reunion HAD to be in Montreal…preferable at the old MCHS, as everyone knew where that was. The Armenian school and church group were so supportive…and excited that we wanted to do this! And they provided excellent banquet arrangements…we were so lucky!

I still get goose-bumps when I think about stepping up to the microphone at the Assembly at the reunion…and looking over the crowd of smiling faces, before I began my ‘welcome’. And singing the school song…what a time. It was a party…a great party! Hard to believe that it was almost 16 years ago!

Your goal to reach out to all ’60s MCHSers is indeed a challenge, that I cannot imagine!

If you have any questions…let me know. I will try to snail mail you the picture etc tomorrow.

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4) In an earlier message, Bruce Goodman (MCHS ’69) commented:

It was a very successful event. Of approximately 300 classmates from the 1969 class, we were able contact / reach 240; approximately 150 attended with an additional approximately 80 spouses. Interesting fact…four couples were actually MCHS 69er classmates!

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MCHS 69er Reunion Program

You can access the program here:

MCHS 69er Reunion Program

Here’s a list of who’s who in the photo:

MCHS 69er Photo & Reg Lists

I want to express our thanks for Bruce Goodman sharing this great photo and great information with us!


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  1. Janet Hogg
    Janet Hogg says:

    Yes, looks like Bruce did an amazing job! I’m not sure I was on a list back then- or mAybe I was and just forgot about it. Anyway, I’d like my name to be on Bruce’s list, of whoever is now the keeper of the lists! Sounds like that was an amazing reunion. Thank you very much.
    Janet Hogg


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