Linking a favourite song to each of the MCHS Alumni and Teachers who have passed away

We have a very large number of comments so far at the following post:

Remembering John W. Scott, Gok-Gee Wing, and other ’60s MCHS students who have passed away

Bob Carswell, as noted in one of the comments at the above-noted post, has shared the following suggestion:

Hey Jaan,

Here is an idea

For the many who have died, someone passed their names along to you. I have an idea of how to remember them through music. See if those who sent the names in can connect the individuals to a particular song of their youth and play the music as a tribute to them or show the video of the group or singer doing it on YouTube. For example I knew that Harry Boshouwers loved the record Spanish Harlem by Ben E. King and because the family was not wealthy, it was the only record he had when I first met him one summer when we chummed together before I left MCHS to go to work and night school at SGWEHS. If we can find enough answers in advance from those who submitted the names, we might be able to put something together.

Another idea for the pot.



[End of text]


We will take this idea up with the organizing committee. From my perspective, as an organizer, the concept has strong merit. Music has such a strong meaning for so many of us.

In the meantime, please let us know if you know of a song that was a particular favourite, for a particular alumna or alumnus who has passed away. We can start a list matching songs to names, as best as we can.

 Our list (in progress):

1) Michael Fehringer (1972) – recording by the group “The Ventures” from the ’60s

The Ventures – Wipe Out

2) Pam Gardiner Chapatis class of 1963 – anything Patsy Cline

3) Harry Boshouwers (MCHS ’63) loved the record Spanish Harlem by Ben E. King

4) Bonnie Wilson (MCHS ’64) – My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

5) As well, Steven Lesser has shared a favourite song, “Donald Where’s Your Troosers,” that Mr. Kelly enjoyed, as described at previous post:

Steven Lesser has shared a great comment regarding MCHS dress codes (and a second great comment about a favourite song) 

Perhaps the most popular version of the song, Steven Lesser notes, is the one sung by Andy Stewart:

 Andy Stewart – Donald Where’s Your Troosers

6) Susan Schneider has noted that Melanie Gough (who graduated around 1972) liked anything by Celine Dion and Alan Gough’s favourite song was “Walking on Sunshine”. Alan attended in the early 1960s. He liked to hang around with Brian Harris and Mike Gentile.

7) Nicole Halpert has noted the following details about her father Garry Halpert’s musical tastes:

“He loved jazz (chet baker, toni bennett) + classics such as Night and Day: he remembered all the words of this type of song.

“And he loved musical comedies but I think Night and Day is a good one!”



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  1. Stephen Welsh
    Stephen Welsh says:

    Regarding the passing of Michael Fehringer (1972), any recording by the group ” The Ventures” from the 60’s would a fitting tribute.

  2. Bob Carswell
    Bob Carswell says:

    Since I live alone and there is no one around to tell you this, I thought I would in anticipation of the future. I don’t listen to music anymore due to hearing problems. Perhaps it is appropriate for you to know that my favourite song is “SOUNDS OF SILENCE”. Since I do not have any belief whatsoever in a “hereafter”, unlike some of my early friends who are now “born again” types, the fact that this has always been a favourite song is most appropriate.


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