Be alert regarding break-in attempts in your local neighbourhood

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you the information, which I have heard listening to CBC Radio in recent weeks, that the early afternoons are high-frequency times for break-ins at neighbourhoods across the City of Toronto.

The warning that has been shared by Toronto Police Services is: Don’t leave your back door open when you are elsewhere in the house. Leaving the door open can provide easy entry for a break-in.

On some occasions in City of Toronto neighbourhoods, houses have been broken into following a visit to the front door by individuals claiming to be selling things from door to door.

There’s also a lot to be said, I believe, in having a home security system in place such as an ADT security system so that one’s home has an added measure of protection.

I have also received the following message from a neighbour:

“Not sure if you have noticed, but we have this all the time – car stops at the end of the street, full of young men, often 4-5 and they are just sitting staring at the houses. The car could sit on a street for few hours if undisturbed. I tried talking to them, but they just take off without getting into a conversation. Really weird.”

If you have reason to be suspicious about any car or person, I would recommend that you write down the date and time of day, and write down the description and license plate of the car and/or person(s), without bringing attention to yourself. Keep a record of such things and be prepared to share the information with Toronto Police Services.

Sometimes a person sits in a car, or walks down the street looking at houses, for entirely legitimate reasons. Sometimes, however, a person or a group of individuals is preparing a break-in.

Keep a phone handy. Be prepared to all 911 at once in the event the need arises.


Here’s an apt comment:

“Good advice. A couple of summers ago in our neighborhood thieves would check if you were out in your backyard gardening. Most women leave their purse by the front door. They would simply open the front door, grab the purse and leave. I always make sure to lock my front door while gardening in the back.”

And another comment that is equally apt:

“Thanks for this Jaan. Good neighbours make good neighbourhoods.”

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