More 1962-63 Candid Camera photos & overview of staff who have passed away

1962-63 yearbook. Caption: "Now a Word From Our Sponsor!"

1962-63 yearbook. Caption: “Now a Word From Our Sponsor!”

I can only guess what the photo on the right is about. Something to do with a sound system. Maybe at a dance? If anybody knows, we look forward to your comments.

"I Have a Little Surprise for You"

“I Have a Little Surprise for You”

The “I have a little surprise for you” caption refers to Mr. Louis.

MR. HILL (in capital letters) the caption says.

MR. HILL (in capital letters) the caption says.

Graeme Decarie has shared his recollection of Mr. Hill at a previous post:

Graeme Decarie has found his copy of the 1962-63 MCHS Highlander and shares additional recollections

We’ve spoken earlier about Mr. Hanna at another previous post:

Graeme Decarie mentions that Mr. Hanna was principal of a high school way up the Ottawa River

That's Jane Moore on the left, Mr. Hannah in the middle. Can you tells who the third person is?

That’s Jane Moore on the left, Mr. Hannah in the middle. Some time back, we asked: “Can you tell us who the third person is?” We are pleased to say we have the answer: “The girl,” Sonia Herman Shron has informed us (see Comment below), “on the right in the photo with Jane Moore and Mr. Hannah is Sylvia Orlean. We were in 11A in 1962-63.”

More information from Graeme Decarie: Staff deaths – and occasional meetings

I can catch you up a little on this.

Jack Leroy became principal of Baron Byng, then retired to become an Anglican priest (later a bishop) in a breakaway Anglican sect in Niagara Falls. He came to visit me one night when I lived in Pointe Claire. It was obvious to both him and me that he had little time left. I think I was the one who took him to the hospital where he died after a short term. This was a good, twenty years ago.

Alan Talbot became schools director for Montreal, then retired. I think he died a little before Jack Leroy.

Jim McGowan died at least 15 years ago of a heart attack. just after he returned for the summer to his farm near Cowansville. He had spent the greater part of his teaching career in Japan.

Mr. Hopper retired to become a church organist in PEI. I saw him there about 1970.

I bumped into Vic Alleslev on a street near Concordia. It was very quick, only a minute or so – and this was at least 20 years ago.. He was looking quite unchanged from MCHS days. His daughter Liz (class of 63?) was with him. She was quite stunning – the classic Nordic beauty.

I hear from George Allan from time to time. He became a community college teacher in Sarnia. My last contact with him was a month or so ago. And he seemed fine.

I saw Mrs. Jelinek in a shopping centre, I think, probably about ten years ago. She hadn’t changed a bit.

I spent a day or two with Bob Saul about 20 years ago. He was retiring to Kingston, on a road close to Royal Military College.

Marg Carr I bumped into at the Montreal airport. She was on her way home to BC.

I am occasionally in touch with Bob Hill. He has been unwell for some years, now.

Graeme Decarie


I much appreciate the update, Graeme. I will update the relevant page at the MCHS 2015 website:

Students & Staff Who Have Passed Away 

I am also just delighted that such photos were taken, and that they were published in the yearbooks. In a sense, the photos provide an opportunity for us to gaze into the past.

It’s quite an experience, for me, to look closely at each of the photos and to think of all of the events, in people’s lives, that were happening in the years leading up to each photo, and that have happened in the years leading up to the present moment.


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  1. Sonia Herman Shron
    Sonia Herman Shron says:

    The girl on the right in the photo with Jane Moore and Mr. Hannah is Sylvia Orlean. We were in 11A in 1962-63.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Wonderful to be able to complete the caption, which I’ve now done, with your help. I’m very much hoping that you and other Alumni from 11A (1962-63) will be able to make it to MCHS 2015 in Toronto on October 17, 2015.

    For your interest, here’s a Publicity Video about the Reunion that we’ve posted online just today:


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