1967 Prefect Board at Malcolm Campbell High School

1967 Prefect Board. Source: MCHS 1966-67 yearbook

1967 Prefect Board. Source: MCHS 1966-67 yearbook

Prefect Board

Fourth Row: A. Cerins, T. Silver, D. Athersych, J. Barcley, F. Kupfert, G. Gore, M. Gall,
K. Seto.

Third Row: Mr. Bregman, G. Bell, S. Simmons, C. Barren, D. Lindsay, G. Turner,
W. Walker, B. Eccles, I. London, G. Smail, D. Speller, Mr. Rivard.

Second Row: S. DiPaolo, V. Szepesi, J. Trent, I. Smith, G. Blacker, J. Maclaughlan,
S. Dube, J. Simon.

First Row: J. Maffre, T. Vurtis, C. Perelmutter, B. Garvin, P. Lindsay, G. Evans,
R. Camp­bell, D. Jackson.

Absent: G. Meeks.

Donna Speller’s overview of the 1966-67 Prefect Board

The Prefect Board has been in this school for the past seven years. When it was first established, Mr. Christmas was the advisor and there were two Head Prefects. Since then, there have been a few changes: Mr. Bregman is now advisor and there are three Head Prefects, each assigned to a different floor.

The Prefects are chosen from third or fourth year, on a character basis. This year the Prefect Board has been most dependable and succssful.

Donna Speller

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