Checklists are a great way to keep track of recording equipment, and processes

Some time ago, I learned about research which pointed out that using checklists is a great way to cut down on medical errors that occur in hospitals, including during medical operations.

As a result, I’ve become a keen fan of using checklists whenever I attend an event where I will be doing some recording.

Because I would otherwise tend to lose track of equipment, I usually create a checklist and check things off on my equipment list before I’m on my way to an event.

During an event, I refer to a checklist to ensure that I push the record button, at the right time, on each piece of equipment. Otherwise, in the heat of the moment, as I think many people have learned, it’s possible to forget to press a key button.

After an event, I refer to my checklist, to ensure that, in the hurry to get home, now that the event is over, I do not inadvertently leave something behind.

I’m sure that checklists are used widely, for all kinds of purposes. It was great to read about the value of checklists in medical settings. Checklists are great to use in many settings, where a person needs to keep close track of many things and functions, while completing many essential tasks that need to be completed, in a timely manner.


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