Send an email or make a phone call if you agree Historic Fort York should remain open on Canada Day

We have received word that Historic Fort York is slated to be closed for Canada Day, for reasons explained in the sample text for a letter of protest that we invite you to send, regarding this matter.

Send your letters (generally, that means emails) to Bernard Trottier and Larry Ostala.

Larry Ostola is the Director of Museums and Heritage Services at the City of Toronto. His email is

His phone number is 416-392-9135.

Bernard Trottier’s email is His office is 416-251-5510.

Sample Letter of Protest (copy and paste – or copy, edit, and paste – and please send it as soon as you can)

Subject: Please keep the historic buildings at Historic Fort York open on Canada Day

It has come to my attention that the historic buildings at Fort York will be closed for Canada Day this year. The reason, as we understand, is that time is required to set up for a Taste of Toronto event.

I strongly object to the decision to have the Visitor Centre and the Garrison Commons open and to have the Fort York historic buildings closed during Canada Day.

The federal government provided $5 million to celebrate the War of 1812 bicentennial. The federal government provides money through the Museum Assistance Program (MAP), has contributed to the new Fort York Visitors Centre, and has legislation in place going back to the time of Wilfred Laurier protecting the fort and proclaiming how important it is to our national character.

It is decidedly a very bad move to have the historic buildings closed on Canada Day, for the set up for a Special Event.

We strongly urge you to reconsider the decision.


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