Japanese knotweed in Colonel Sam Smith Park and Marie Curtis Park

I’ve been following some recent email discussions about Japanese knotweed in Colonel Sam Smith Park and Marie Curtis Park.

A number of such patches are evident in Colonel Sam Smith Park, according to one email, which adds:

“Getting rid of knotweed is a complicated business that requires expertise. By the way, it is a big problem all along the waterfront.”

Friends of Samuel Smith Park Park has, as I understand,  contacted City Parks about Sam Smith knotweed and the message has been passed on to Colonel Samuel Smith Park Supervisor Jorge Ture.

Another message notes:

“It is bad in Marie Curtis. One area on Etobicoke Creek it is strangling the trees. The worst is right on the Toronto Mississauga border. In one place it is taller than me and so thick I couldn’t penetrate it.

“Please pass it on. It is a really bad invasive species.”

I’ve also received a message that the province has established an Invasive Species hotline: 1-800-563-7711


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  1. David Juliusson
    David Juliusson says:

    The Japanes knotweed is really noticeable in Long Branch Park. When you enter the park from the north west look towards the fence with the blue house. At least half way along the fence from the road towards the water is solid knotweed.


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