Toronto District School Board director accused of ‘destructive attacks’ to muzzle critics – July 10, 2015 Globe and Mail


A Dec. 6, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “College of teachers finds Chris Spence guilty of professional misconduct: Former TDSB education director, accused of plagiarism, will now face penalty hearing.”



A July 10, 2015 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “TDSB director accused of ‘destructive attacks’ to muzzle critics.”

The concluding paragraphs read:

“Since Ms. Wilson submitted her report – which documented problems including fears among many employees that their e-mails and telephone calls are monitored – four of the eight senior staffers who reported directly to Ms. Quan have resigned.

“Ms. Quan’s treatment of Mr. Goodman, who did not seek re-election last fall, has left some questioning her leadership. ‘She derailed his life for the better part of a year, brought unnecessary angst and heartache, and now it’s found groundless – and she’s director of education for a school board?’ said John Campbell, a former board chair and now a Toronto city councillor. ‘She doesn’t belong in that job.’ ”

[End of excerpt]

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An April 1, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Toronto school board dividing into ‘learning centres’: Too big, too unwieldy, too impersonal — criticisms of Canada’s largest school board lead to plan to break it up into smaller centres.”

An Oct. 17, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “Vancouver School Board fired by B.C. education minister: Education Minister Mike Bernier has fired all 9 elected Vancouver School Board trustees.”


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