Grade 7 photo, 1958 – Ahuntsic School (with thanks to Noreen McMillan)

Grade 7 Elementary class at Ahuntsic Elementary School, 1958. Photo source: Noreen McMillan

Grade 7 Elementary class at Ahuntsic Elementary School, 1958. Photo source: Noreen McMillan

Back of 1958 photo. Source: Noreen McMillan

Back of 1958 photo. Source: Noreen McMillan

We owe thanks to Noreen McMillan, a member of the Entertainment Subcommittee for the MCHS 2015 Reunion taking place in Toronto on October 17, 2015, for sharing this photo.

Noreen McMillan requests that if you have a photo of the Grade 7 class that Mrs. Harris taught, please share it with us.


“Attached is a photo,’ Noreen writes, “for the year 1958 for the Grade 7 Elementary class at Ahuntsic Elementary School. We have been able to retrieve this photo with some difficulty. On the rear (noted in handwriting) is a sketchy listing of some of the individuals. This photo was Mrs. Bell’s class. My two very best friends (still alive today) are in this photo.”

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“Until MCHS was constructed,” Noreen McMillan notes, “students from Ahuntisc attended other high schools in Montreal, i.e. Town of Mount Royal, Rosemount, Montreal High, etc. Ahuntsic, if you may remember, was predominantly French populated.

“I am not in this photo as I was in the other Grade 7 class of Mrs. Harris. Cartierville may have been one of the catchment areas for MCHS, as was Ahuntsic. Some of us who attended Ahuntsic Elementary have been communicating. It would be appreciated if you could post this school photo for all to see. Someone in your database may be able to identify some of these individuals, as we may presume that many may have attended MCHS.”


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  1. Marcia Silver
    Marcia Silver says:

    I knew and was friendly with some of the people in that class, such as Alex Simard, Annette Bingham, Elizabeth Forster, Alistair High, Sandra Shaar, Helen Eisenstein, Audrey McHaffie, and of course, Mrs.Bell, but as Noreen McMillan said, there was another Grade 7 class; besides Noreen, there was Rosina Wurtele, George High, Ian Munro, Alex McClean, Enrico Romanin, Joyce Robb, Pat Bougie, among othere. as well as Mrs. Sybil Harris, who lived to the ripe old age of 97! Here’s hoping that someone, somewhere, might know how we could acquire a photo of that fascinating class. Thanks so much, Marcia Silver

  2. Lynda (Lester) Benoit
    Lynda (Lester) Benoit says:

    I was in Mrs Harris’s class. I attended Ahuntsic for Grades 5,6 and 7 and then graduated from MCHS. I am also in contact with Pat (Evans) Kelley who now lives in Texas. Would love to see a picture of Mrs Harris class. Unfortunately I have loss much of my books etc. via a flooded basement and a fire. Not at the same time!

    • Noreen Doherty-McMillan
      Noreen Doherty-McMillan says:

      Dear Lynda,

      Would you have been in the 1958 Graduation Class for Ahuntsic, Mrs. Harris. My good friend, Lise Decoste, in the photo…2nd. row, fifth person from the right, has been calling the Protestant School Board in Montreal, in an effort to get a photo of Mrs. Harris class for that year. To this date she has been unsuccessful. She is currently in Florida for the winter but when she returns to Montreal in the spring, she will again start calling them again. P.S. Ahuntsic is now a French school.


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