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Links from Charles Tsiang

“Glen Campbell,” Charles notes, “played guitar with the Wrecking Crew before he made it on his own. We were listening to him in the 60’s before we knew it. Wonderful to see this PBS special.”

Glen Campbell In Concert In Sioux Falls

Links from Gina Davis Cayer (see also links from Gina below)

Glen Campbell “Goodbye Tour” Full Concert, NJ – May 22, 2012

Never too old to break it down…

What Elvis liked to do in his spare time

This is a video, posted at Facebook, in which Bill Rawson of Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey) recalls things he’s read about Elvis:

Bill Rawson of Long Branch talks about what Elvis liked to do in his spare time

Also: Elvis told his Mommy he’d buy two Cadillacs one day, one for himself and one for his Mommy and Daddy

The Diamonds

Obituary for Dave Somerville of The Diamonds

Little Darling by the Original Diamonds

little darlin’ – the original diamonds (1957)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Peter, Paul and Mary – Where Have All the Flowers Gone (25th Anniversary Concert)

Joan Baez – Where have All The Flowers Gone

Joan Baez – Where have All The Flowers Gone (another version)


Andy Kim – Rock Me Gently

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Live (HD)

I’d Really Love to See You Tonight – England Dan and John Ford Coley

Traveling Wilburys – End Of The Line

The Beatles – Black Album

THE TEMPTATIONS – “My Girl – (I Know) I’m Losing You”

Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling – Live on BBC 1973

The Beatles – And I Love Her

Procol Harum ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ 1967

The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Stevie Wonder ★ Isn’t She Lovely & Sunshine Of My Life

MARVIN GAYE TAMMI TERRELL Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

Sam Cooke – Having A Party (1962)

Gary Moffet bio

An online bio for MCHS alumnus Gary Moffet of April Wine can be accessed here.

’70s disco scene

A Sept. 26, 2015 Guardian article is entitled: “Boogie wonderland: disco’s hottest 70s nightclubs.”

Feel-good Top 10 playlist

A Sept. 25, 2015 Boston Globe article is entitled: “Neuroscientist calculates feel-good Top 10 playlist.”

Apple Music

A  Sept. 25, 2015 Harvard Business Review article is entitled: “Why Apple Music Missed a Beat.” The following insight from the article may or may not make sense; it remains to be seen:

“Apple’s mindset is still stuck in early (and successful) days of iTunes. It treats music as content to be distributed rather than an experience to be shared. It doesn’t matter if the music is downloaded or streamed. The problem is that Apple Music is still a distribution channel rather than an experiential platform, a collaborative community, and an artistic accelerator.”


By way of a reference not to the 1960s but to 2015, a Nov. 7, 2015 CBC article is entitled: “Can Adele save the music industry, or just slow its demise?”


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