Oct. 17, 2015 Reunion photos from Gina (Davis) Cayer – that she posted to Facebook

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1st pic – Gary Lambertz (MCHS1970) with Klaas Vander Baaren (MCHS 1964); 2nd pic -Bob Carswell (MCHS 1963); 3rd – Soryl Rosenberg (early 1960s Phys Ed teacher) presents an entertaining Show and Tell; 3rd – Nancy (Ingerville) Renz (MCHS 1967) (in middle – wearing her MCHS blouse), with other grads. As you will note from the photos, there was No Dress Code for the Reunion and people wore whatever they wanted to wear.

We started the evening off with a Business Card Game, which got everybody out of their seats and talking to as many people as they could within a 20-minute time frame.

The person who had accumulated the most cards during that time, was declared the winner of the game. At the outset of the Business Card Game, each attendees was given about 70 cards, with their own name on each card.

The game underlined the fact that our theme was that each person at the Reunion was the star of the show, and the guest of honour. It also encouraged us to all reach out beyond our own graduation year and to meet as many people from other graduation years as we could.







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