Further comment, regarding golf caddy at Marlborough golf club who became professor at Concordia

A previous post refers to Marlborough golf club in Montreal:

“I have to say that my caddy days led me to detest golf,” Graeme Decarie comments

The above-noted post refers, in turn, to a post that is entitled:

Additional comments from Graeme Decarie – regarding Saraguay, Cartierville School, and Marlborough golf club

I’m pleased to say to say that Iris Church, one of Graeme Decarie’s students at Concordia University, where Graeme ended up after he decided to drop out of teaching History at Malcolm Campbell High School in Montreal, in order to pursue a PhD in History, has written a great comment. The comment is below, and the reason I have written the post, which you are now reading, is because I would like to bring your attention to her comment.

Iris Church comments:

Graeme (or, as your former student at Concordia, perhaps I should say Professor), I am always amazed at the coincidences and linkages that pop up in life. I was idly browsing Marlborough Golf Club, when I saw your name, and was surprised to learn you had caddied there. My sister-in-law worked there for one summer when she first came to Canada from England, as the Club secretary I believe. She lived in at the Club house, and was able to take golf lessons which she continued throughout her life. She was Joyce Church, now in her nineties and living in Vero Beach. I think she would have been at the Club before you, in the mid-fifties, so I doubt that your paths crossed. But imagine if you, my future professor, had met my sister-in-law, long before I had any idea I’d be going to university. By the way, I graduated in November 2013 at the age of 84, with a B.A. In English, with honours.


A Sept. 18, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “Golf reaching out to younger generation — but is it trying too hard? Bikinis, beats and beers: Stodgy sport tries to reinvent itself in face of changing consumer demand.”


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  1. graeme decarie
    graeme decarie says:

    That is magnificent! You made my day. What year were you in my Concordia class?
    And Honours? My BA grades were so bad, they wouldn’t even give me the major in History. I got just a general BA. When I applied to McGill, the official there said, “These grades are beneath contempt.”
    One of my better ones was Canadian history. I got a D-.
    Speaking of history, the first golf course in Montreal was late nineteenth century. It was Fletcher’s Field. The founder and president was the Anglican priest at the church at (or near), the corner of Ste. Catherine and Guy. That area was then the home district of Montreal’s wealthy.

  2. graeme decarie
    graeme decarie says:

    Another incidentally, a French teacher at MCHS also became a clergyman (United Church).
    He would have been attached to Eglise St. Jean, on Ste. Catherine and in the heart of what was then the red light and gambling mob district. Damned if I can remember his name. It wasn’t Claude Lafond.
    He also ran a French club at MCHS which has a page in the 63 yearbook. One was on separatism which was in very early days. Little did I know that it would take up some twenty years or more of my life, including some very tense moments, indeed.


  3. Anna Kelly
    Anna Kelly says:

    Nothing to do with the golf club but but Malcolm had good times with you in Malcolm Campbell and then our daughter, Elaine, was in your class at university. where you informed her she was wayyyyybetter than her Dad. That was often repeated to him !!!

  4. graeme decarie
    graeme decarie says:

    I remember Elaine very well. I taught her in my early years at Concordia. She was a tall girl, and very, very pretty. I well recall having coffee with her in the Student Union. Malcolm was a valued friend in my MCHS days. – And I remember Anna, too, with affection.



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