@TorontoArchives photo of people skating in Toronto & multiculturalism & equality-related stats

The photo is from Twitter:

Toronto Guardian ‏@TORGuardian:

Our photo collection from the @TorontoArchives of people skating in #Toronto – #History – http://bit.ly/1SuOVTo

Multiculturalism in Canada and Europe

Multiculturalism in Canada and in Europe, as viewed by Kenan Malik:

The Failure of MulticulturalismL Community Versus Society in Europe

Canada’s multiculturalism is no model for Europe: Europe often holds up Canadian multiculturalism as a success to be emulated, but its definition of diversity is hardly inclusive

Some other recent items from Twitter, for your interest:

Crime in the community: when ‘designer’ social housing goes wrong

The subhead for the latter Guardian article reads: “How did innovative Winnipeg social housing, designed by one of Canada’s most talked about architecture firms, become a haven for drink and drugs?”

Also, a Brookings Institution article for your interest:

Behind the headlines: 15 memos on race and opportunity

At my Twitter feed, I’ve posted a series of excerpts from the Brookings Institution item:

“But the problem of public space violence … also deserves our special attention.”

Over the same timeframe, however, the level of economic segregation has been rising.

Race, place, and opportunity.



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