Women are under-represented in all levels of government – Jane Taber article, June 2, 2016 Globe & Mail

A June 2, 2016 Globe and Mail article by Jane Taber is entitled: “Women are under-represented in all levels of government.”

The article concludes:

Ms. Watts finds municipal politics more nimble than federal politics. “I always call it the front lines. You’re very engaged in the everyday lives of people, and you can really effect change very quickly.“I find that here [in Ottawa], things tend to be more partisan and the processes seem to be much longer …,” she says. “I look forward to when I get back to my constituency….”

Ms. Crombie enjoys the grassroots engagement, too, and is fearless in pushing the envelope. Recently, she has attracted controversy for suggesting that Mississauga separate from Peel Regional government and become a standalone city.

She has commissioned a study to see what that would look like, asking whether it would produce savings or costs.

“Shouldn’t we be controlling our own destiny?” she says about her city – just as she and Ms. Watts are controlling their own political journey.

[End of excerpt] 


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