Inquiry from Sue Baker regarding Gordon Eckersley – 1958 Montreal Star connection: Can you help?

We have had an inquiry from Sue Baker regarding Gordon Eckersley. If you know anything about where Gordon Eckersley is these days, please contact me through this website.

Sue Baker: I won’t be able to contribute to any of your stories but I hope you are able to assist me (a little selfish).

In 1958, after the passing of my father, Dermot O’S Baker a trophy was presented in his honour to Hugh Struthers! !

Gordon was also a recipient of a trophy for his low gross [golf] score of 89. These photos are printed in the Slug/Mtl Star 1958. All recipients of mention are at that time, Montreal Star employees! [Not clear what the Slug in Slug/Mtl Star refers to.]

Does anyone recognize these names? I would love a photo or two or word of any mention of “dad”! I lost him at the tender age of almost 15.

Jaan Pill: Good to read your message. Is it okay if I post it to the Preserved Stories / MCHS 2015 website?

Perhaps the best way would be for me to say that if anybody has information they can contact the website and/or they can send a message that I can then pass along to you.

Also, do you have details to add that would provide information about anybody having a connection to MCHS or to the elementary schools that MCHS students would have attended when they were younger? Can you tell me more about Gordon Eckersley – e.g., if he went to MCHS do you know when he graduated? Do you know what the low gross score refers to?

Sue Baker: I was once again overwhelmed by the horrific events of the day! [The message was written on July 15, 2016.] I am away from the tv now and will be indebted if you can post my note.

It is really about a retired school educator who has returned to her homeland and her great city of origin. I am trying to find answers to questions that went unanswered for years! I left at 24years old and returned at 65 plus..I missed Montreal and so many friends etc. Most of all I missed my childhood!!

Every once in awhile I go through photos and articles that were printed in the Mtl Star or Gazette! I have had this photo of these gentlemen receiving a golf trophy with my dads’ name on it! His last position with the Star was Managing Editor of the newspaper(1958). This is where I saw a Gordon Ecklersley. I have NO connection at all to the High School. I am unsure what the initials stand for! I was educated at Villa Maria and McGill!

Thank you for your patience! Oh, low gross was the term I had used referencing the golf tournament!

Jaan Pill: Good to read your message. Great to have the additional details. The news that is being broadcast is not the best these days. I will post the information that you have shared. From time to time, people have re-connected with each other or have been able to track down information through the Preserved Stories website. So I will post it tomorrow. [Actually, it took a few days.]


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  1. Nancy Ingerville-Renz
    Nancy Ingerville-Renz says:

    Is there a way we can see the pictures that Sue is talking about. I would like to see them.

    Gordon was my home room and math teacher in Grade 8 & 9.

    I mentioned Gordon to Mrs. Rosenberg at the reunion and she thought Gordon had passed away but was not sure.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    It’s good to get the conversation started. We can start to do some research about where we can find Montreal Star archives, online or at some physical archives in Montreal. If anyone reading this page can offer leads, please let us know.

    That is remarkable, Nancy, to know that Gordon was your home room and math teacher!

  3. Raspa
    Raspa says:

    I know I am three years late answering but I’ve just come across Sue Baker’s request for information about The Montreal Star. I worked at the Star from 1955 to 1962 and it was Sue’s father who in fact hired me. If she is still interested in getting informstion about the Star at that time, please ask her to contact me. I now live in Quebec City.
    Tony Raspa

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      Good to read your message Tony. I will look for Sue Baker’s address and will ask her to contact you. I’m really pleased you came across her request for information about the Toronto Star. I am used to the fact that sometimes, after many years, a process whereby a search for information is completed. I much appreciate your help.


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