You may have to look into a “hidden” folder at iTunes to find all of the songs you’ve ever purchased

Some time back, I came across a situation where I had deleted a large number of iTunes songs – dating back to about 2008 – from my iPhone, and I wanted to get all of the songs back on my phone. I had not been making a practice of backup up my iPhone on my computer or on iCloud.

I’m writing this post in the event you ever come across a similar situation.

I thought of various options and then realized that I could go to the iTunes website and re-download all of the songs, dating back to 2008, that had been purchased from iTunes.

However, it turned out that there were 1,000 songs that had been purchased and only 200 of those were listed under my name at the iTunes site.

At first, I thought this was really bad news but then I read a lengthy document at the iTunes site, explaining how to find your past purchases.

At the end of the length document, which I scanned through quickly, I came across a reference to the fact that some of a person’s past purchases may be in a “hidden” file at the iTunes website. Once I knew that fact, the rest of the work was pretty straightforward. By following the instructions at the iTunes site, suddenly all of the missing 800 songs were back! When I knew that we had the songs back, I jumped in the air! What a feeling that was!

I’m pleased to share the story with you, in the event you ever find yourself in a similar situation.


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