Where to get “Stop the Lot Splitting” Lawn Signs in Long Branch

At a previous post entitled Conserving Long Branch – June 2016 David Godley Update, David Godley has shared the following information:

Lawn Signs

This is a separate program from the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association but the two are mutually supportive.

The issue in Long branch has had no publicity in the press despite the issue of neighbourhood character being amongst the most acute in Canada.

Without documentation it is seen as an issue of little importance to the outside world. We are fortunate that the Planning Department have recognised that the City’s Official Plan is being undermined and have strengthened wording in Official Plan Amendment 320 to clarify the intent.

The attachment on strategy shows how the loss of character has been achieved:


Congratulations to the group from the Shamrock Area for taking on and funding this important strategy of increasing awareness.

There are already over 200 signs on lawns and requested.There are about 100 left from the second batch.

Mike Laffrade started this movement. After MJL’s premature death Mike Flynn took over the torch. If you would like a free sign protesting inappropriate development please email his daughter



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  1. Chris Penn
    Chris Penn says:

    There has been an application for lot splitting and two dwellings to be built on 2 undersized lots at 10 Lake Promenade. Is there any advice or help that we can access before the hearing on August 24 to try and get this stopped?

  2. Sandra Tully
    Sandra Tully says:

    There has been an application for lot splitting to build 2 3 storey houses. The plan does not adhere to the present bi laws. The address is 38 thirty first street. How can you help


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