If you receive a Notice from the Committee of Adjustment, here’s (1) a Guide to the Notice & (2) things to think about (for residents nearby and elsewhere)


A drawing of one of the two, 3-storey buildings proposed for 14 Villa Road in Long Branch (South Etobicoke, Toronto). Each building measures almost 33 feet tall at the front. Click on the image to enlarge it.

On the right is a drawing of one of the two buildings proposed for 14 Villa Road.

1. Guide to the public hearing Notice

A resident on Villa Road has noted the document, which is from the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association, is a a bit lengthy but it explains the meaning of the variances. You can access the document here:

guide-to-the-public-hearing-notice-october-2016 – version 2

2. Things to think about: Specific comments for residents close by plus those farther afield

“I found this quite informative. These are mostly reformatted copies of what was prepared for a previous hearing and passed on to us,” the Villa Road resident notes.

“They contain a lot of valuable info, especially for the more detail-oriented.”

The white house on the left is 14 Villa Road, the property which a developer has proposed to sever into two, smaller lots. Jaan Pill photo. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

You can access the document here:


The contents of the two PDF files are featured at separate posts:

I have posted the contents of the above-noted PDF files as two, separate posts:

If you receive a Notice from the Committee of Adjustment, here’s a Guide to the Notice

If you receive a Notice from the Committee of Adjustment, here are specific comments for residents close by plus those farther afield


Additional notes, regarding visualizations of proposed buildings

Also of relevance:

Mike Smith of GDSS is preparing awesome 3D renderings & shadow studies for Nov. 3, 2016 hearing regarding 14 Villa Road

Options regarding Photoshop overlays depicting severance proposals related to Committee of Adjustment & OMB meetings

Please note: The Photoshop overlay for 9 Meaford (see link immediately above the sentence you are now reading) was criticized by the Chair of the Committee of Adjustment at the Sept. 29, 2016 Committee meeting at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. He said, in so many words, that an amateur rendering of what a new development will look like, when set against a photo of an existing streetscape, will lack credibility because there is no way to know that the measurements match, between the drawings and the photos.

A professional rendering, such as the 3D renderings for 14 Villa Road, is a step toward addressing such a concern.


Please note the following valuable update regarding graphic representations:

The OMB took this 9 Meaford Ave. photo montage as evidence; Committee of Adjustment rejected it out of hand


Also of relevance: I am aware of an anecdotal report that one of the employees, involved with a June 2017 demolition, was alleged to have threatened some nearby neighbours. I would suggest that such incidents be reported to the Toronto Police Service, 22 Division Non-Emergency Number:  416-808-2200. You can also contact 22 Division by email.

It may also be noted that the 22 Division Community Response Office is at 416-808-2219. The Officers assigned to Long Branch are:

Const. Matt Steele #10460
Const. Mario Kulina #90056

Please refer to the 22 Division website for further details.

It’s important to document threats or property damage. Write down, as soon as possible, what has been said, and the circumstances including names of witnesses, if any. If there are no witnesses, share with another person or persons what has happened, and make a note of when you have shared the information.

Written documentation, created at once or as soon as possible after the event, has much more value than vague recollections. In the case of property damage, take photos at once.


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