The OMB took this 9 Meaford Ave. photo montage as evidence; Committee of Adjustment rejected it out of hand

The OMB took this 9 Meaford Ave. photo montage as evidence.

The Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment had rejected it out of hand.

The Committee has made a point of consistently rejecting such mock ups, prepared by residents.

In the subjective view of the Chair of the Committee, expressed on a number of occasions, such mock ups have no value whatever.

We as residents are most fortunate that the OMB is willing to consider such images as valid evidence.

The 9 Meaford OMB decision is accessible here:


This is a point to keep in mind: There is tremendous value – depending on the circumstances – in preparing such material, when residents are presenting their views to decision-makers with regard to “Minor Variance” proposals.



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