Seeking name of French Immersion school on the corner of MacDonald and Clanranald Avenues opposite a park in Snowdon (Montreal) – Sept 1970 to June 1971 (Grade 7)

Gillian McConnell writes:

I attended a French Immersion school on the corner of MacDonald and
Clanranald Avenues opposite a park in Snowdon from Sept 1970 to June
1971 (Grade 7). I can’t remember the name of the school. I was
wondering if anyone on your website can help me. I believe there is
now an apartment building on the site. I attended Hampstead Elementary
from Grades 3-6 and West Hill High School from Grades 8-10.


I am hoping that someone reading this post can help Gillian find the name of the school. Contact me of you wish to get in touch with Gillian.


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  1. Bert Eccles
    Bert Eccles says:

    I don’t know the name of the school, but the information in the original question seems to be inaccurate: Clanranald and MacDonald do not intersect. They are a block apart and parallel to each other, with Clanranald a one-way going north and MacDonald a one-way going south.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    From Montreal Memories Facebook page, Aug. 16, 2017:

    Arlene Frank: Was that Royalvale

    William Archibald: That was at Dupuis

    Arlene Frank: Clanranald and mcdonald go in same direction

    Margot Carpenter MacKinnon: William Archibald the school ran between Clanranald and McDonald front doors where on Dupuis ave.

    Margot Carpenter MacKinnon: It was Royal Vale now in the West Hill High School building on Somerled. I was a lunch monitor there when it bacame a French

    William Archibald: It was the newer one I remember. Never attended Royal Vale, but as a kid I played baseball right across the street.

  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    More (I’ve copied this as best I can) from Montreal Memories Facebook page:

    Marielle Miller Aug 16
    That was Royal Vale which is now on WHHS on Somerled.

    Maxine Godfrey Aug 16
    I know of gillian. She was an artist in montreal. She was good friends with jerry stotland

    Stephen Schertzer Aug 16
    It was Royal Vale and I was a Grade 7 French Immersion student there in ’72-’73. My teacher was M. Wilson; I think his first name was Alain. The building (address 5530 Dupuis) is still a school: Ecole des Cinq Continents.

    Lori Robertson Aug 16
    She was my teacher too!

    Lori Robertson Aug 16
    Mme Guinish?

    Shari Crystal Altman Aug 17
    Royal Vale


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