Life-saving fruit and vegetable diet need only be three portions (previous research called for 10 servings a day)

An Aug. 29, 2017 Guardian article is entitled: “Life-saving fruit and vegetable diet need only be three portions – study.”

The subhead reads:

“New research reveals daily dose of just 375g of fruit, vegetables and beans are sufficient to reduce risk of stroke, heart disease or premature death, and could help low-income consumers.”

I mention this because one of my previous posts is entitled:

Fruit and vegetable intake: five a day may not be enough, scientists say (April 2, 2014 Guardian article)

I mention the new research report, and contrast it to a previous research report, because such matters are of much interest to me. I like to follow the most current evidence, assuming it’s pretty solid evidence. I like to take an evidence-based approach to things.

You might say that evidence is one of the guiding principles of my life. It didn’t always used to be that way, for me; I liked to believe whatever I wanted to believe. But then I made some progress, in an area of my life that was of strong importance for me, and after that I became a believer in the value of evidence. In some ways, it was a complete turn-around.

Anyway, enough of this nattering. I tried the 10-portions approach after the 2014 research came out. I did quite well for a while – but 10 portions a day is too much! 3 or 4, that’s fine. I can handle that.


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