Lot-splitting in Alderwood: Message from an Alderwood resident

Please note: I have hyphenated the word “lot-splitting” in the heading for this post, but (given that I have many other things to do today) have not added hyphens in the text that follows.


Please contact Jaan Pill through this website if you wish to get in touch with Tracy Hatten

Tracy Hatten of Alderwood has shared the following message with me; as is my standard practice, I checked with her first, to make sure it’s okay for posting to the Preserved Stories website; Tracy Hatten writes:

As mentioned I live in Alderwood and have noticed a significant change to the neighbourhood since lot splitting has occurred. Presently at the corner or Rimilton and Hallmark where two house once stood, five are being put in their place. Over the last couple of years I have noticed the noise has increased, the traffic has increased, the number of cars parked on the road has increase and where I was once able to look at a tree, I see the side of a house that is too big for the lot. Previously, the driveways went to 3/4 the length of the property. Today they are a third, thus the increased cars parking on the roads. Some of the houses have two cars but don’t use the garage. Some have three cars and thus are parked all over the street.

I want very much to acquire a sign that expresses my displeasure around lot splitting and have been searching for a sign. I was so happy to see them in your area and hope that I can get some for my area as well.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jaan Pill writes, in turn:

I am pleased we had the chance to meet, on Villa Road. The situation you describe offers details, regarding Alderwood, that I was not aware of.

1) The details regarding the signs are at this post at my website:

Where to get “Stop the Lot Splitting” Lawn Signs in Long Branch

As noted at the post, the person to get in touch with is Debbie Flynn at debbieflynn3@hotmail.com whose father Mike Flynn initiated the signs project. You may wish to check with Debbie to see if a version that says “Alderwood” in place of “Long Branch” may be possible.

2) You may, as well, wish to contact David Godley, who has been active with regard to the lot-splitting issue in Long Branch; he’s at David Godley at mhairig@pathcom.com

David has a mailing list; he emails regular updates. I also post his updates at my website. He would be pleased to add your email address to his list.

3) Still another person, that you may wish to get in touch with, by way of comparing notes, is Steve Nazar [note to site visitors: Please contact me if you wish to get in touch with Steve].

Steve is a former Alderwood resident; he moved from a nice house on the south side of Valermo after twin soldier-houses were built directly to the west of his family’s house. He was active with lot-splitting issues in South Etobicoke for many years. He works from home, meaning he can work from anywhere. He now lives in a beautiful setting on Vancouver Island. He remains on David Godley’s mailing list, I believe.



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