Can you refer us to sources about the history of the watersheds at Stratford, Ontario?

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MCHS Sixties grads Daniel McPhail, Scott Munro, Bob Carswell and Jaan Pill met in Toronto in June 2017

At that post, I mentioned that:

Among other things, I’ve been preoccupied with an Ontario Municipal Board hearing. As a result of the outcome of the hearing, and because the timing is right for other reasons, we are moving away from Long Branch in South Etobicoke, where we have lived for the past 20 years. We are heading to Stratford, Ontario.


Lynn Legge of London, Ontario, a key player in the organizing of the successful MCHS 2015 Sixties Reunion held in Toronto in 2015, shares the following comment, at the above-mentioned post:

Jaan you are going to enjoy Stratford it’s a beautiful town had a number of clients in Stratford and enjoyed the drive from London


I commented:

Lynn wonderful to read your message. We are much enjoying the process of research and networking related to our move to Stratford.

My own introduction to Stratford took place some years ago, when I attended a weekend workshop in Stratford concerned with heritage preservation. The workshop was in connection with ongoing work at the University of Waterloo, related to heritage preservation across Ontario.

On that weekend I got to know Stratford – and its history – quite well. We’ve been to visit Stratford several times more recently and have always enjoyed the experience!

My interests, especially given the increase of extreme weather events across the Earth, includes the natural history of the area – that is, the history of the watersheds, the history of flooding events in the last several decades, the history of amelioration efforts (e.g. upgrading of systems relevant to water runoff), and the location of flood plains. I like to keep such details in mind. If anybody, who is reading this comment, has information to add to what I have learned to date, I am always keen to learn more!


In years past, I’ve written several posts about Stratford, Ontario

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Cooper Block – abandoned railway repair shop in Stratford

At a previous version of this post, I referred to a dated article about the Cooper Site. A much more recent link, which I came across subsequently, is entitled:

Cooper Block Master Plan: Community Engagement

An introduction to the above-noted link reads (please note that I’ve corrected a commonly made spelling error, changing “complimentary” to “complementary”):

The master plan process will establish a framework for the (re)development of the Cooper Block for municipal purposes, including economic development purposes, anchored by the University of Waterloo satellite campus (as it exists now and as it will build out over time) and other complementary/associated uses that the City wishes to see developed on the block in order to meet its objectives.


The above-noted link refers to the following document, which offers a quick and cogent overview:

City of Stratford Cooper Block Master Plan: “What We Heard” Consultation Summary and Key Considerations for the Master Plan, September 11, 2017


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