Update from MPP Peter Milczyn regarding Bill 139, Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017

The following message is from Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Peter Milczyn’s Office:

Dear Neighbour,

Updated Information on
Bill 139, Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017

It is unfortunate that the dates for Committee Hearings and written submissions on Bill 139 have been changed. The hearings for October 23 and 24 have been cancelled and the written submission deadline has been changed to October 18th at 5:00 pm. These procedural changes are not uncommon at the Legislature.

However, I want to ensure you that any Etobicoke Lakeshore resident who wishes to make a written submission on the Bill will still have their views heard. I encourage you to still write in to the Committee and when you do so, please copy me on your correspondence.

I will personally forward your views to the Honourable Yaisr Naqvi (Attorney General) and to the Honourable Bill Mauro (Municipal Affairs) so that both Ministers will have the benefit of your views as they shepherd the Bill through the Legislature and draft Regulations to implement it.

Please forward your comments to the address below:
Room 1405, Whitney Block
Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2
Fax: (416) 325-3505
E-mail: comm-socialpolicy@ola.org

To view an electronic version of the Bill, please click here.

Peter Milczyn


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