Humber Bay Park Project – Building Concept


The image is related to the Humber Bay Park Project, concerning which a link is accessible, at the post you are now reading. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I’ve recently received a notice about a CCFEW Bird Walk. The notice includes a reference to the Humber Bay Park project. The text in the message refers to an Oct. 30, 2017 meeting about the Humber Bay Park architectural component.

“The presentation materials are online,” the message notes, “but a bit difficult to find on the project page.”

The message provides a link to the presentation materials, which I am pleased to include in the sentence you are now reading.

As well, you can read CCFEW’s comments here >


CCFEW is doing great work – but is restricted, in its efforts to reach the wider public, by an unwieldy name and acronym.

From a media relations perspective, the group would do vastly better with a shorter, more engaging name.

I speak as a person who’s been involved in observing, and occasionally taking part in, a wide range of media relations initiatives, involving the re-naming of non-profit organizations, over the past several decades.

That said, I am pleased to provide the above-noted links, as I support the work that CCFEW (as it’s called) is doing.


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