Franklin Horner Community Centre program delves into history of Etobicoke’s lakeshore communities – Dec. 6, 2017 Etobicoke Guardian article

A Dec. 6, 2017 Etobicoke Guardian article by Cynthia Reason is entitled: “South Etobicoke Historical Voyage sails on to Alderwood: Franklin Horner Community Centre program delves into history of Etobicoke’s lakeshore communities.”

First-rate article by Cynthia Reason

I am very impressed with how this article is put together, with how it is constructed. One part flows effortlessly into the next part. Such an effortless flow is not easy to achieve. Such an approach to story construction takes a lot of thought and skill, on the part of the writer, and warrants commendation and celebration.

At a time when many community newspapers are disappearing, for want of a business model, Metroland has a good business model in place.

In their articles for the Etobicoke Guardian, Cynthia Reason and Tamara Shephard and the photographers such as Justin Greaves and Dan Pearce who work with them are providing an ongoing record of local activities, which otherwise would in some cases go unrecorded. We as residents owe them and Metroland many thanks.

Similarly, we owe many thanks to the CBC, which enables investigative reporters such as John Lancaster to inform Toronto residents – including in Etobicoke – about critical events and circumstances that otherwise would remain unknown.

Other community newspapers have disappeared

By way of an update, regrading the topic of community newspapers, a Dec. 1, 2017 CBC Day 6 article is entitled: “Friday December 01, 2017: Uncovering corruption: The stories we’ll miss when local newspapers are gone.”


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