Staff report regarding Long Branch Character Guidelines deferred at Dec. 8, 2017 Toronto Council meeting; slated to go to Council in January 2018

I have been following with interest the next steps for the staff report regarding the Long Branch Character Guidelines.

At about 2:15 pm on Friday, Dec. 8, 2017 at Toronto Council, on a motion from John Filion acting on behalf of Mark Grimes, it was decided that the the above-noted staff report will be referred until the Acting Chief Planner and the City Solicitor have had a chance to review it.

After that, the plan is to bring the staff report (with whatever amendments may be recommended, if I understand the matter correctly) to City Council again in January 2018.

The discussion is available for viewing at the Toronto Council YouTube channel.

There the matter stands, for now.

I am pleased to report, with regard to a related topic, that the severance and variances for 70 Thirty Sixth St. have been turned down by the Etobicoke York Committee of Adjustment, at its Dec. 7, 2017 meeting.

A previous post, with links to still earlier posts, regarding the Guidelines, is entitled:

Long Branch Character Guidelines final staff report awaits debate at Toronto Council


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