March 2, 2018 Toronto Star article addresses ongoing local planning issues

A March 2, 2018 Toronto Star article, which by way of commentary I would describe as possessed of delightful and apt platitudes about the next steps in the way forward, is entitled: “The GTA’s population is booming – but not necessarily in the right places: There seem to be countless examples across the GTA of developments springing up without sufficient nearby transit connections, parks, libraries, schools and clinics to support the number of people moving in.”

Platitudes have value. People speak in platitudes for a reason. Platitudes warrant our close attention.

By way of further commentary, I would add that – assuming that input from all stakeholders is taken into account – the problems currently facing urban planning in the Greater Toronto Area speak their own, compelling language, create their own narratives, arrange for their own next steps. The rest, as the expression goes, is commentary.


A March 30, 2018 Toronto Start article is entitled: New chief planner has spent his whole career building Toronto: Gregg Lintern knows his outlook seems sunny, but he sees endless opportunity in the way we build, and think, about a future city.”


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