Fifth Stop – Long Branch Park Gazebo: May 5, 2018 “Evolution of Long Branch Park” Jane’s Walk

From this park, looking west we can see the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project in Mississauga, to be renamed the Jim Tovey Waterfront Connection project.

The latter project involves use of landfill to extend the Lakeview waterfront some ways into Lake Ontario, with rebuilding of area wetlands proceeding at the same time. Once completed, the entire Lakeview shoreline will be open to the public.

An April 25, 2018 Mississauga News article is entitled: “Lakeview Waterfront Connection to be named after late councillor Jim Tovey.”

In the 1990s, there were many musical performances, with local musicians, on summer evenings, at the Gazebo at (the current version of) Long Branch Park. Possibly, that tradition will be revived in the future.

Apartments redevelopment north of the Gazebo

A number of apartment buildings, in the area north of Lake Promenade between Long Branch Ave. and Thirty Third St., were built in the years after the Long Branch Hotel burned down. The tenants of the apartments have been informed that the buildings will be redeveloped. Details regarding the development plans are not yet widely available, however.

Update regarding outcrop of land created by infill, where Gazebo now stands

I am pleased to say that a list of articles has been forwarded to me, from the Advertiser newspaper; below is the index of interesting items related to this story:

Feb 27, 1958 Long Branch Moves to Hold Hotel Land – expropriate land – use 9 acres of the land owned by Anthony Chuback for a baseball diamond, picnic area and beach – village placing fill on shoreline

Sept 25, 1958 LB Planners Reject 500 Apartments Plan – former LB Hotel site – town expropriation plan withdrawn

Sept 24, 1959 Will Put Apartments on LB Hotel Grounds – Mrs. Anthony Chubak sold property for $421,000

Oct 15, 1959 LB Hotel Site Apartment Plan is Rejected –

June 13, 1961 Photo of LB Hotel Property – trees – Apts for Long Branch Hotel Site – Plan $7 million Development – Must Change Zoning If Project Approved

August 3, 1961 Model of LB Hotel Apartment Development

March 22, 1962 Spring Start for $7 Million Hotel Project – LB Hotel site

Oct 29, 1964 Waterlot Tower Complex Turned Down By Village – LB Hotel Site – two multi-storey apartments on filled waterlot

Feb 4, 1965 New $5 Million Plan For Waterlot Site – LB Hotel Site

Feb 11, 1965 500 Suites In 18-Storey Twin Towers Millgate’s New Proposal for Waterlots – LB Hotel Site

Feb 18, 1965 Plan of 18 Storey Twin Towers on LB Hotel Site

March 11, 1965 Phone Call Brings Results – Govt Halts Millgate Fill – Halt Order Ignored For Over A month – photo of filling – LB Hotel Site – federal govt stopped filling –

March 18, 1965 Purchased from Crown in 1889 – New Status For Waterlot? – Millgate Fill Dumping Legal Says Dept of Lands and Forests –

March 25, 1965 Millgate Ignores Fill Order Fill Obstructing Storm Sewer Could Cause Serious Flooding

April 8, 1965 Correct The Errors – Facts Prime Consideration In Planning Decision – LB Hotel Site

April 15, 1965 Millgate Has Its Foot in The Door – Photos of fill at LB Hotel Site

April 22, 1965 Nearing Dangerous Precedent On Millgate Council Told

April 29, 1965 Approved By Committee of the Whole – Millgate Wins Round Two in Apt Battle

May 13, 1965 Planners Approval Millgate Proposal – Twin Towers Would Exceed Zoning by 11 Storeys

May 20, 1965 Berry Squelches Green’s Move – Halt Millgate Bid Block – Council Going Down Blind Alley Ask Wait For Waterlot Ruling

May 27, 1965 Green’s Millgate Resolutions Blocked by Reeve Tom Berry

June 10, 1965 May Be Mosquito Breeding Ground – Anser Says of Millgate Sewer – Another Notch on Berry’s Gun Green Fails To Slow Millgate – Parliamentary Secretary Contradicts Legal Chief Govt’s Refuse To Clarify Millgate Waterlot Status

July 15, 1965 No Stop Dumping Orders From Ottawa On Lake Fill – Millgate development

July 29, 1965 Ottawa Will Approved Project Within 14 Days Boasts Millgate

Aug 5, 1965 Delays Millgate Project Indefinately

Aug 12, 1965 Goldenberg Stopper On Millgate Development

April 7, 1966 Wants Millgate Waterlot Nationalized And What About The Lawyers? – Cowan Won’t Let Up On Lakefill, And Now He’s Getting Support

May 5, 1966 Will Fill Despite Notice – Defy Gov’t To Save Park – Len Ford Park being washed away



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