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We’re pleased to share with you these 1920s to 1940s ‘cottage country’ images from Etobicoke Creek

Comment from John Collins

Hi Jaan I am trying to locate directories for 1930~1950 Long Branch business and resident information with no luck. Directories for New Toronto, Humber Bay, Lambton Mills, Mimico and some Alderwood info is available online through Toronto libraries, but Long Branch and west through Toronto Township including Port Credit and Cooksville are scarce. Any suggestions to help locate ancestry information for these locals? Also interested in aerial photos of west Toronto, Etobicoke in this era also. Regards in advance much great history and photos posted

John Collins

Response from Jaan Pill (who made some inquiries among his contacts)

Hi John – By way of an update here’s what I’ve learned as of June 24, 2018:

Message No. 1

Jaan – there are individual directories for Toronto Suburbs in the Might’s city directories. Many of the early ones are available on archive.org to review or even download. And also available via the City of Toronto Public Library website:


Not sure about those in Peel County. I would suggest they contact Mississauga Public Library local history department.

With regard to aerial photos there are a number available through the City of Toronto Archives website:


There is also a digital collection at the University of Toronto:


If they are looking at individual collections there are two collections at the Ontario Archives. One is from 1918/1919/1920 and McCarthy Aero Services (they bought surplus WWI planes to do their work)


And the Northway Gestalt Collection which starts in the late 1940s.


They can call the archives to discuss.

Hope this helps.

Message No. 2

Jaan – all of the illustrated atlases have been scanned and are available from McGill University:



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