Duped at the Door? – CBC Marketplace broadcast

Some years ago, after I was contacted by a Phil Gray, Second World War veteran and writer, I began to write posts about scams and scamming.

I never met Phil Gray in person, but got to know him through our email conversations. He was an early supporter of the work that I was doing at this website.

The posts that Phil Gray suggested that I write about door-to-door scams, targeting seniors among others, have turned out to be among the most widely read posts at this website! I would never have imagined that there would be so much interest in this topic. I learned so many things from site visitors.

Reports about door-to-door scams serve as a warning for the unwary. They also serve as a metaphor for much of what occurs, from day to day, in contemporary life. They also give rise to thoughts related to the philosophy of deception and related topics.

Click here for link to “Duped at the Door?” CBC Marketplace broadcast >

The webpage for the “Duped at the Door?” broadcast provides the following text:


In the battle for customers, telecoms are going door-to-door to convince you to switch. But many Canadians feel they were misled about great deals and better services. Marketplace investigates.



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