Pamela Gough will address pedestrian & cycling safety with traffic calming & reduced speed limits (Key Item 3 of 8)

In the third of eight key items from her campaign platform, Pamela Gough focuses on pedestrian & cycling safety.

No. 3 – Address pedestrian & cycling safety with traffic calming, reduced speed limits, and street redesign

I have been a strong supporter of Pamela Gough since 2011, when she played a key role in keeping Parkview School in Long Branch in public hands. The school had been declared surplus to its needs by the Toronto District School Board.

We faced the prospect of having the school sold to a developer who would build condos and/or townhouses on the site of the school, which has a large playing field attached to it, where neighbourhood children love to play during after-school hours and in the summertime.

As the local school trustee at the time, Pamela worked tirelessly along with local residents and government officials to ensure that the school could be sold from one school board to another.

The school, which is now a French-language elementary school, has been extensively renovated and extensive landscaping how also been done. The school is now once again a going concern – a tremendously valuable community resource.

We owe thanks to many people for the successful outcome of the Parkview School story – among them most certainly, is Pamela Gough.

Key points of Pamela’s platform

The key points in Pamela’s campaign platform are:

(1) Fight over-height development & excessive densities and maintain neighbourhood character

(2) Employ a range of creative housing solutions to tackle Etobicoke’s growing affordability crisis

(3) Address pedestrian & cycling safety with traffic calming, reduced speed limits, and street redesign

(4) Reduce road congestion by prioritizing better public transit & fighting to secure the Park Lawn GO station

(5) Build complete communities with investment in infrastructure, services and facilities, and green space

(6) Foster South Etobicoke businesses & protect our employment districts to grow sustainable, quality jobs

(7) Promote neighbourhood safety via community building-addressing the root causes of violence with evidence-based solutions-and enforcement

(8) Be your transparent, fiscally responsible & engaged representative, always working for Etobicoke-Lakeshore


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