Pamela Gough advocates improved public transit and investment in infrastructure, services, and green space

Pamela Gough

Pamela Gough

Pamela Gough advocates improved public transit and investment in infrastructure, services and facilities, and green space.

The above-noted points are from Items 4 and 5 of her campaign platform; video clips regarding these points are available at two previous posts:

Pamela Gough will prioritize public transit & fight to secure the Park Lawn GO station (Key Item 4 of 8)

Key Item No. 5: Pamela Gough will build complete communities with investment in infrastructure, services & facilities, & green space

Transcript of video clips regarding Campaign Items 4 and 5:

So that [that is, Item No. 3 on the campaign platform] goes into “Reducing road congestion by prioritizing better public transit.”

And, of course, public transit is really essential.

View of Parkview School, subsequently renamed as École élémentaire Micheline-Saint-Cyr, photographed from top of Aquaview Condominiums, November 2012. Pamela Gough played a key role, as noted at a recent post, in keeping Parkview School in public hands. Photo credit: Jaan Pill

I think we need to build the Relief Line.

We are very much in agreement with the Park Lawn GO station going ahead.

The Humber Bay Shores area needs infrastructure, to become a more complete community, and they need access to a public transit hub. So the Park Lawn GO station is definitely a major part of our platform.

In the background is the hill that is located on the north side of the site. The Colonel Samuel Smith log cabin was located in an area to the front of the baseball backstop. As part of recent landscaping at the school, the backstop has been removed since the time this photo was taken. Jaan Pill photo

“Build complete communities with investments in infrastructure, services and facilities, and green space.”

So this, again, sort of ties in with the other points.

Communities have to be liveable, and they have to be complete.

We have to build communities so that the infrastructure is already within the communities, so people can, ideally, walk, or drive a very short distance, to find groceries, to do their daily activities.

They need green space.

We need parks. We need our parks to be protected, from encroachment.

And we need the infrastructure and services, in every community, that will allow people to have a quality of life – a liveable community.


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