The heritage priorities of the Toronto Mayoral candidates – Oct. 11, 2018 issue of Toronto Heritage e-News

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I’m very highly impressed with the work of Heritage Toronto and Heritage Mississauga.

I’m really pleased that the e-mail version of the Toronto Heritage newsletter has a key message at the top:

“Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view in your browser.”

That is an awesome message because it means that I can post such a message at once to my website, without a need to cut and paste any of the contents. This is truly a boon for bloggers. If you are involved with newsletters, I strongly encourage you to start your email version, of your newsletter, with such a linked opening message.

I also look forward to learning more about heritage preservation efforts elsewhere in Ontario, such as in Stratford, where we are now moving after having sold our house in Toronto.

We found in our experience as sellers that the competition for houses, among people seeking to buy houses in Toronto (in particular in Long Branch, where we had lived for 21 years) was very fierce. We got great service, in selling our house, from Angela, Paul, and Laura Giroudy, Sales Representatives, of Royal LePage Real Estate at Bloor St. West and Royal York in Toronto.

The competition for houses, at the price range and with the set of features that appeal to buyers from Toronto (by way of example), was slightly less fierce in Stratford, but quite competitive nonetheless. We received some great advice from (among other sources) Nona Patterson, Broker, of Home & Company Real Estate in Stratford: “When you see the house you want, act quickly.”

Stakeholder Consultation

A recent post concerned with a Heritage Toronto Stakeholder Consultation is entitled:

Enthusiasm for local history is not enough, by itself, to preserve and repurpose heritage buildings


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