Out of the Woods – stories about Huron County history by David Yates – officially launched

A Nov. 30, 2018 London Free Press article is entitled: “A compilation of stories covering Huron County’s history: David Yates’ first published book ‘Out of the Woods’ officially launched.”

An excerpt reads:

It’s not just the “greats” that make the county’s history interesting for Yates. Although an incredibly fertile field of historical figures and events, Yates believes the average people and how they lived in rural Ontario to be far more fascinating.

“These are people who lived by the courage of their convictions. It’s interesting to look at people who thrived and survived under the most dire conditions,” Yates says.

When Yates began writing local history 12 years ago, he admittedly believed there might only be six months worth of material. Over the years Yates enjoyed discovering the past through research and writing and doubts he could ever run out of content.

In accordance to the abundance of history to delve into, Yates found the biggest difficulty writing ‘Out of the Woods’ was choosing the stories to tell.

“There were so many to choose from that couldn’t be included in this book, which hopefully will be in the next. I’m already picking the next batch of stories,” Yates says.



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