Long Branch Neighbourhood Association mission statement is outcome of extensive survey

I strongly support the work of the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association (LBNA).

The LBNA was launched, as noted at earlier posts at this website, as a result of an extensive (and suitably lengthy) series of intensive discussions and many meetings, in which a well-organized survey of potential members was a key ingredient in the build-up to the launch of the association.

Many Long Branch residents worked together to develop the constitution and bylaws. The name of the association was chosen on the basis of input from a key organizing survey.

The association’s mission reads:

The Mission of the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association (LBNA) is to Protect, Celebrate and Enhance the neighbourhood of the Village of Long Branch; Protect the physical character of Long Branch; Celebrate the neighbourhood and its heritage through events and community gatherings and; Enhance the public realm and the quality of life of the neighbourhood and broader community.


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