Changing the Narrative – State of Heritage Report 2019: This document from Heritage Toronto is well worth a close read

You can access the report here:

Changing the Narrative – State of Heritage Report 2019

This is a beautifully written, succinct, and inspiring report developed with extensive community input. I highly recommend that you read this document.

Here is the executive summary:

Executive Summary

Heritage is for everyone. It should be accessible to everyone.

As one of the world’s most diverse cities, Toronto is privileged to contain numerous layers of heritage: the natural heritage of our parks and ravines, the cultural heritage showcased in our communities, the built heritage we experience daily, and the archaeological underpinnings beneath us. We must focus our collective energies on the diverse spaces, stories, and traditions on which Toronto is built to develop a community-based view and interest in heritage.

Heritage creates social cohesion.
Heritage is a positive force for economic development.
Heritage is sustainable.

[End of excerpt]


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