Toronto Preservation Board has adopted staff report regarding 58 Wheatfield Road in Mimico; the recommendation now goes to March 19, 2019 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting

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On Feb. 27, 2019 the Toronto Preservation Board adopted the staff recommendation that the City of Toronto declare its intent to designate the Alfred Baker House, at 58 Wheatfield Road in Mimico, under the Ontario Heritage Act. The recommendation will now proceed to the Etobicoke York Community Council meeting of March 19, 2019 for consideration.

All residents who wrote letters of support are owed many thanks. Every letter matters and makes a huge difference.

The existing letters will travel with the file, as it proceeds to the March 19, 2019 community council meeting.

Please note: Additional letters of support will be helpful

It would be helpful to have additional letters in support for the community council meeting. In the next while, I will share details regarding where to send such letters.


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