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The Order of the Templars was a powerful, militarized monastic order which arose during the Crusader wars: Introductory remarks

A recent post is entitled: Upgrades at Toronto Public Library website are highly impressive. At the latter post, Bert Eccles has shared a most interesting Comment, about how he likes to be reading many books at the same time, as that makes for a more interesting reading experience, than would otherwise be the case. I very […]


I became interested in The Water Will Come (2017) after I heard that Miami real estate agents are decrying the talk of disappearing coastlines

At a previous post, I spoke about concerns expressed (as I understand) by Miami, Florida real estate agents, about people talking about receding coastlines. Such talk is bad for business, as I understand; if you want to keep waterfront land prices high, you don’t go around decrying rising waters. An email from Scott Munro (who graduated from […]